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Made in Lake County, Florida

Made in Lake County’s mission is to assist and celebrate the companies and employees that make great products locally and provide valuable jobs in our community. We take great pride in our manufacturing companies and we want to promote everything that they offer. The Made in Lake program highlights those companies and the products they make in Lake County with a goal of unifying the industry, helping them thrive, and marketing the value that they provide to other entities in order to create new connections and stimulate economic growth.

Your Business is Important!

Our local businesses are one of the key cogs in creating a more diverse and sustainable local economy, both now and into the future. By being a part of the Made in Lake program, your business will not only be a part of furthering our community, but will see other great benefits including:

  • - Gain exposure to customers -
  • - Access potential partners -
  • - Assisting in stimulating economic growth -
  • - Fostering increased pride and connection within the community -
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